Nov 30, 2010

What is my calling?

God has been using the text for the class I'm taking right now to talk to me. Sometimes it's funny how once I finally get something, I can look back and see all the ways that God was sharing this single message with me, and how many times I didn't get it.

Every person that God has created has a calling. That calling is not stagnant, it changes throughout your lifetime. It probably won't be a drastic change, but as your life circumstances change, so will your calling. Sometime we might define God's calling on our life by our own understanding, instead of waiting for God to reveal how He has defined our calling. God doesn't give us the whole picture, but just glimpses at a time. He gives us enough to act in obedience to each step as it is revealed. Sometimes, we may even neglect what God is calling us to do right now, because we're so focused on something we consider to be more important.The truth is though, that God doesn't need us to save the world, He needs us to be obedient. We may not see the significance in the calling we currently have but that does not mean that there is none. God isn't about busywork. He doesn't give us things to do to keep us out of trouble. He is growing us, and preparing us for how our calling will change in the future.

Sometimes we are inclined to dwell in the past, or to look longingly to the future. But we can't live there. When we are consumed with the past or the future, we miss out on the present. I want to encourage you to be fully present, everyday, everywhere. View what God is showing you in your world, see what he is doing right now, and hear what he wants you to do, right now.

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Benjer McVeigh said...

Great stuff! In ministry contexts, we focus so much on what we do for God, and we forget to focus on who we are in God's sight. I love Os Guinness The Call on the subject.

By the way, please drop me a note at so we can connect a bit on youth ministry stuff. It looks like from your blog that you're helping to kick off a youth ministry at your church, and I'd love to let you know about some of the YM stuff going on in the area. We love partnering with other churches in our area!