Apr 27, 2010

God's gifts to us

Sadly it has been a while. Life has a way of making you prioritize, and that is the reason for such a long break since my last post. I wanted to share something with you all real quick. This week in bible study we are studying Acts Chapter 2, and what Pentecost provided for us. In Acts 2:41-47 there is a list of things that God has given to all of us. I thought I would share that list with you. It was enlightening to me, I hope it is for you as well.

We see here some gifts that God had given the crowd. This same gifts he offers to us. They are:
Repentance- our ability to turn towards God is a gift
• Baptism- physical action to demonstrate God’s ability to wash us inside, to clean us.
Forgiveness- through forgiveness God wipes away the guilt of our past.
The Holy Spirit- enables the reception of all other gifts, and also enables the fulfillment of God’s commands
Salvation- God saves us from all the separates us from Him
Teaching- Go has provided us with people who can teach us about God, His love, and His commands.
Fellowship- God gives us each other, we should give freely and completely to each other
Breaking of the Bread- Communion, a way to remember Christ’s life and death and what it means for us
Prayer- The ability to be in communication with God
Ongoing Miracles- Jesus’ work is continued through us
Worship- We get to praise our Father for His goodness and justice
Witness- God uses us as vessels for the Holy Spirit to add to His kingdom.

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